She looked up at him with mis- chief sparkling in hcr’eyes; and twisting the corners of her mouth, lihout which pain had drawn many iiues,. New-York, Mantle oraments, Toilet articles, A: It was a new dish lo him. And then he has an invalid sister. He had only time to adjust the in- strument caressingly in its place, and lo draw from it one long chord, when another step came up the stairs, and the conductor stood before him. We have a good deal of trouble with young guards. Children, left to themselves, arc never ready to go to bed.

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Harpers — Illustrated Weekly comes to us regularly, and contains its usual number of well executed entrravlncs. Savage, who we understand intends utlratime Chaska his future hoiuc.

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She lives iu Loudon, with her mother, in a very retired manner, giving a part of her time to personal attention to The poor. It ia about 18,0U0 feet ia length.

He was, of course, discharged, and henceforth Carl Klauesen became a vagrant. A sister of John Morrissey has just been discovered in Chicago in destitute circum- etaneeff, and beaten by her ultrwtime hus- band.

Not withstanding the inclemency of thc wcather, the rccepiion at the Executive Mansion was the most brilliant of New Year’s receptions. As they are good moral youths, you may all rest a.

We have erected an addition to our main building, expressly for this adgan of our business, and have filled it with the best workmen iu our ser- vice. A writer at Cnd Orch: M to 2. The watch will be sent by Express, or mail registered, so that there is almost a certainty of reaching tjieir destination; but should the Ex- press Co.

It is the ultratimr paper of the kind published in the west. Wklls, President, Treasu er. Tl’o workiaga extend to a distance of two milea from tho nhaft. The I’liaraetir of the punishmtut advn be in terred from the following dcMription. E’-c’ose a stamp f r a dvH. They are Safe and sure in every ca. If it had but been possible, the commanding officer himself would have interceded in ids behalf. They pitch their tent and leading a gypsy life f.

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Thai’s a wonderful invention, and yet as simple at ABC. Will Ui ul tr. Many of these are mourning in the streets from morning to night. Put a stranger on to my engine, and he wouldn’t know what to do with her. It waa the second r. It is war- ranted to heal the lollowing diseases when used according to directions as a bathing lotion: One wishing to go to a new place n.

In this couiitiun they were takeu to the jail and sfrip ed tven toihe. Douglass, Parker Pillsbury, and others were present, and took part in the proceedings.

A terrible tragedy occurretl in New Ulm, Minnesota, on Chr stmas day. Gardner, ouu of tho olde.

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It produces the best stitth. Farming however, proved to be altogether out of his line. Colts ought to be accustomed to being handled very young, and may be kept in stalls or loose boxes. A comical piece by icee Mas e r Arth- ur Dclamater. It cleanaos the entire head.