The market of such solutions is growing at a great rate as to the range of products and demand. If you understand how to do that, it takes no time. The panel provides access to all card’s settings. Posted Sun 06 Jun 10 8: The Audio Devices section in the Control Panel has received 4 new devices: The guys are not proffesionals.

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Posted Mon 24 May 10 4: First, let me describe you, how much I have supported them, buying their products. Surely, the card doesn’t support any 3D positioning functions, but it mixes DirectSound streams without problems. Comparison with the tested characteristics of competitors Now let’s compare the card in question with its closest competitors: Lro you know, the sound re-recorded into an MD player through a digital cable has a clearer and louder sound.

This happens when you have a soundblaster. Unfortunately, we couldn’t test the preamp on another sample. It allows redirecting an audio signal from any virtual outputs to any virtual inputs on a software level, i. If someone want to buy this card from ESI, he must think it twice.

They help me only with e-mails. Morrowind and Dungeon Siege. It means that you have to invest quite a lot of money here. The compositions were played simultaneously by two copies of the Winamp through the SB Live!

These happened using three sound cards audiotrk three computer with Win Vista, Win7 and Win7 64bit. I hate to spend almost euros to buy a card that 2 years later, don’t work with Windows 7.

Real assistant and not advices. Usually companies release new products for newest OS and is not profitable for them to work for their old products. aufiotrak

The commutation is quite clear contrary to the channel routing: However, quick reswitching wasn’t so necessary, because it was clear that the compositions played on the SB Live! Take it as it is and don’t try to convince company to help you. Posted Thu 20 May 10 2: Maya44 and DirectSound Any professional card takes tests with applications using DirectSound, especially games, quite painfully.

The card will be an excellent choice both for music listening CD, mp3 and for composing in professional sequencers and editors.

Flat, the clamped and plucked sound produced by the Live! Maya44 and Cakewalk Sonar In the control panel of the Maya44 we set latency to samples and a sampling frequency to 44, Hz.

Posted Thu 03 Jun 10 I must say that all sound cards from Ego Systems Inc. Fortunately, more and more ordinary users, not only musicians, turn their attention to such products, thus, preferring high-quality sound to low-grade multimedia stuff.

When the audiotgak are distributed correctly among virtual ports there is no gritting.

ESI – Product Archive: MAYA44

After profiling the new device the Cakewalk Sonar defined latency of 5. The Maya44 copes excellently with recording of a guitar and a signal from an audiotrzk synthesizer. The Sonar backed by the Maya44 managed to stand the torture carried out with a multitrack composition which consisted of 10 tracks stuffed with Waves and TL Audio effects.

The trip-hop vocals’ croaking on the Live!

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Anyway, I do not recommend that a tool level be high for recording of compositions. Erm what happens if you select 4. The level of intermodulation distortions is now twice lower.