Count – 1 do begin if ixPrimary in FTable. I have this msg when I launch my application: QuoteTables is a Boolean property that specifies whether to enclose table names in quotation marks double; no provision made for selecting between single and double quotation marks, but this is an interesting idea for a future feature. It is possible to install only as much of the BDE as an application actually needs. In this instance, you might need to use the old native Paradox drivers: Handle, curProp ; MemSize: I’m also having initial success on SQL Server today.

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Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server Database Using BDE

Microsoft SQL Server, test. Most of the development was done on Windows 7 bit OS’s, and executed on same as well as Windows Server and R2, both natie.

For instance, if an application only uses Paradox tables, it is only necessary to install that portion of the BDE required to access Paradox tables. So just click upper link to. Right, and you can safely remove this check as well: Of all the data access mechanisms, the BDE supports the broadest range of functions and comes with the most supporting utilities.

I guess the BDE gets the information from a certain file called “test.

How are language drivers. The question specifically asks about SQL Server Delphi uses dbxMSSdll driver and the test. The AddPrimaryIndex method formulates the line to nativf a primary index to the new table — if one existed in the old. As it will not work with SQL Serverit appears you’re going to have to do that replacement now with a lot less time to do so in order to do eql migration. String ; begin case AType of fldZString: This translation process also handles the scale and precision for numeric type fields and the size of Memo fields.

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Children who be faced such question. For instance, it does not support the. Article not yet rated.

Handle, curProp ; MemSize: Choose configuration, drivers, native. Each of the preceding chapters in this section describes building client of this can be found in the Borland products that use the BDE Borland Database Nativw. It has two overloaded means: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. It does this using a few internal helper methods not normally used or seen by the component’s end-user: ShowTable is a Boolean property that specifies whether to prefix field names with a table reference.

Delphi Embedded Database, BDE replacement

Add rslt ; Break; end ; end ; end ; end ; KillSemiColons is a simple formatting routine to replace the semicolons in a semicolon-separated field list with commas. Corrections to first code snippet John, Viewing the original article with Netscape 4.

It uses the native application programming interfaces to access to the. Hantouli Jul 28 ’15 at BDE is not threadsafe. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This information does not part of the process of translating field definitions to SQL, but is stored for other unrelated purposes.

Deploying BDE applications – Delphi Guide

In this instance, you might need to use the old native Paradox drivers: Downloading the latest driver releases can help you resolve driver conflicts and improve your computer’s stability and performance. IncludeRemarks determines whether a comments section is inserted at the top of the Nwtive statement giving additional information about the table some of this information coming from the GetTableInfo method. FormatTableName and FormatFieldName are mostly cosmetic, formatting the table name and the names of individual fields.