For a modest fee a universal front projection kit is also available that includes a tripod mount and an opal glass diffuser for those who prefer the higher light levels available from direct lens readings. Give our free step by step guide a read: Click to Enlarge Thumbnails. The Operation Wizard, included with the unit, guides the user through the measurement process. This service eliminates the problems associated with exposure to the elements over time.

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Tolerances can be photomdter to colorimetric values except Munsellcolor-difference values, or reflectance index values. Our ChromaPure partner has developed a version of the Chroma 5, which they’ve named the Photometter 5 PROthat offers substantially enhanced accuracy across multiple display types.

This is the same enhancement that is performed on the Display 3 PRO. Through standard or customized evaluation formulas, this high accuracy, reliable colorimeter helps users control the color quality, consistency, and appearance of their samples in a more efficient, streamlined process internally and throughout the supply chain.

Back to the Products Index Give our free step by step guide a read: We’ve worked out an exclusive deal for our members to bring you this product at a price lower than what everyone else pays anywhere on the photometfr.

Simply place solids on top. About Meter Accuracy Colour Science: We recommend doing this yearly. We offer products for the budget DIY’er all the way up to the seasoned professional, all at CurtPalme. We live and breathe calibration.

X-Rite Chroma 5 / Chroma 5 PRO Colorimeter with ChromaPure

Same product, same support, just more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Photometef have a Chroma 5? You pay for shipping to us and for US customers we pay for shipping back to you. Changeable by changing mask and settings. Why buy from CurtPalme. Click Here to Watch Video.

Chroma 5’s sold by ChromaPure through CurtPalme. Contact us for meter only pricing.

Select Automatic Calibration to perform calibration every time the unit is turned on. Color plots, as well as graphical and numerical data are displayed on the screen. The Photomeyer 5 is a relatively low cost mass-market device whose tolerances are looser than what you would find with more expensive professional color analyzers.

German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese.

Spectrophotometer CM-5 – Konica Minolta Color, Light, and Display Measuring Instruments

The CM-5 Spectrophotometer has the ability to take measurements for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries according to several standard indices: Storage of measurement data and target color data.

This service eliminates the problems associated with exposure to the elements over time. Color difference tolerance box tolerance and elliptical tolerance Only for the display function. If you already own a Chroma 5 or Sencore ColorPro V and would like to use it with ChromaPure you will have to first test your meter to make sure it has not been locked or modified. The CR Chroma Meter is compatible with an optional data processor to print results on-site or SpectraMagic NX software to record measurements and provide a more comprehensive color analysis.

Contact us for a utility to test this. Click here for full X-Rite warranty details.

Duties, taxes, and other cchroma fees charged on internationally shipped orders are the SOLE responsibility of the buyer. Video Calibration Myths Questions, comments or feedback should be directed to: The CM-5 Spectrophotometer, a stand-alone, top-port color measuring instrument, is bench-top spectrophotometer with a large LCD screen and onboard software which eliminates the need for a separate computer.

International customers pay shipping in both directions.