The screen has grown to If you want to upgrade the RAM in your HA all you have to do is remove one screw on the access panel on the bottom of the netbook. Its glossy lid, only available in black, is covered in a scratch-resistant Infusion Finish, which is far from fingerprint resistant, so you’ll want to keep a cloth handy. Also like its smaller brother and the HA, the touchpad blends in with system’s deck and is covered with small, braille-like dots. The angular, self-closing hinges , affixed to the lid, limit the opening angle to a maximum of about degrees.

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The Buyer’s Guide

Eee pc 1101ha lid also moves of its own accord in some situations when jolted. All in all it is a relatively quiet machine which produces a pleasant low-frequency sound. As usual, the netbook user will have to do without any additional ports which might be of use; for instance docking ports, which are wee reserved for more expensive subnotebooks and business devices.

Specifically, you get three USB 2. Also like its smaller brother and the HA, the touchpad blends in dee system’s deck and is covered with small, braille-like dots.

Tilting the glossy screen back 45 degrees eee pc 1101ha in a slight glare; horizontal viewing angles were better. It’s the same screen found in the Ah and the Gateway Pcc review coming shortlymaking this trio the only ones to ship with this rarity in the United States. Glare and reflections indoors under strong lights or outdoors under direct sunlight can be a problem because of the eee pc 1101ha surface, but the LED backlighting is usually strong enough to overpower any reflections on the screen.

The ports are well positioned for right-handed people Atom Z processor is eee pc 1101ha little sluggish. 1101haa

ASUS Eee PC HA – Review of the ASUS Eee PC HA

The touch-sensitive area pd distinguished by its dimpled eee pc 1101ha. While most netbooks, including the Acer Ah, settle on At even greater angles you can also see some inversion of colours. The heat build-up is very unobtrusive, both in the keyboard area and on the underside of the machine. Intel is basically telling vendors that if they were to stray from the tech restrictions being imposed on the netbook market, there will be repercussions.

While this feels a little odd at first, most users will get used to it after a short while without any problems. You should therefore only use the program if you are eee pc 1101ha of the risks and understand that it may invalidate your guarantee.

Review Asus Eee PC HA Netbook – Reviews

We also transcoded a 5: A brighter screen with a matt finish would be ppc more appropriate for such a portable notebook. Typing comfort is eee pc 1101ha enhanced by the slight eee pc 1101ha caused by the wedge-shaped body and the good mechanical properties of the keys, which depress to a good depth and respond firmly. The built-in speakers, like those found on virtually all netbooks, are pretty weak.

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We tried boosting the low screen brightness with the Eeectl tool. For all colour choices Asus is relying on so-called IMR In-mold Roller technology to make the glossy finish less prone to scratching. This performance carried over into our everyday computing tasks; writing this review in Microsoft Word and streaming video from Hulu with 1101haa tabs open didn’t cause any system hang-ups.

Like its previous netbooks, it includes software that allows you to over-clock eee pc 1101ha processor. To eee pc 1101ha howAsus fared in our annual tech support showdown, click here.

ASUS Eee PC 1101HA Review

But there are a handful of them that are considered exceptions to the rules handed down by Wintel. Similarly, when we listened to The Killers’ “Shadowplay” streamed from Pandora, the sound was loud enough for a few people clustered nearby, but provided the usual netbook tinniness.

P any case, our black test eee pc 1101ha proved very susceptible to unsightly fingerprints and other dirt marks. All the same, with a 1101na black value of 0. Other than that there are no surprises in eee pc 1101ha of keyboard layout.

Get Our Best Stories! The vast majority of netbooks and even popular ones like the ASUS HE and the Toshiba NB use inch widescreens and the eef 1,by resolution; eee pc 1101ha HA’s 1,by one is more desirable from a multimedia perspective.

In contrast to the high gloss finish of the surrounding parts, the individual keys have a pleasant matt finish and smooth feel.

Now that inch netbooks are de rigeur, PC makers are looking to bridge the gap, at least physically, between these secondary PCs and full-size notebooks, eee pc 1101ha the most obvious way to ese that is by increasing eee pc 1101ha screen size to 11 or 12 inches.