A professional mechanic would probably want a more complex tool. Pros Comes with a 5-year guarantee. Veepeak OBDCheck offers many basic features and a few advanced ones as well. It collects and analyses information about the CEL and summarizes it for necessary actions. No pairing is needed in iOS.

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Kiwi OBD app offers a plethora of functions such as data logging, real-time data, GPS mapping, fuel efficiency test, etc.

Are you looking for a device that could turn any car into a smart car? Good at finding catalytic problems in the car.

Bluetooth scanners can read and clear CEL codes, DTCs, monitor fuel usage and do everything that a wired scanner does. How cool is that? Passes a notification to keep you updated engine started, car parked.

OBDLink MX suitable for car nerds who like to know what is happening in their car without opening the bonnet of the car. Shows issues and lags if not updated before use.

Cons You need to buy the subscription to use all the functionalities. If you are in search of a Bluetooth scanner for Android that can perform a variety of features then BAFX is a good option.

The professional grade automotive device with low power needs and excellent compatibility is worth its salt. BAFX is a Bluetooth reader that you will find in most of the iPhone OBD2 scanner reviews because it is known for performing a quick diagnose on your car and displaying reliable results. Pros Multiple devices can be linked to one app. Most of the problems that arise in a car are in the sensors.

With the right app, you can observe detailed graphs, realistic virtual gauges, and accurate results.

10 Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters / Scanners Review 2019

In short, it will act as your personal mechanic. Moreover, it supports a variety of vehicles that are OBD2 compliant and manufactured afterexcluding electric and hybrid models. Leaving it plugged in does not drain the battery. Make sure to pick one according to your needs.

To use it, launch the app and run a complete scan or a specific test. Bluedriver works with its own app, the Bluedriver app, only. Pros Very light at 2.

10 Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters / Scanners Review – OBD Advisor

This is the reason it is called a car health monitor. When you buy this scanner, you get 3 years elm32 and lifetime free updates. Another benefit of using this OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is that it is quite slim with a dimension of 0.

Pros Comes with a free BlueDriver App.

Product Comparison: Torque Pro ELM 327 v1.5 vs BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool

The tool allows you to access Engine controls, control brake pads and almost all the cars systems. If you are a security geek then Pro AUT is your best bet because it offers some of the most amazing features.

The refresh rate it offers is 20 Hz, which is very fast. Just plug the scanner and KIWI 3 will do the rest. No pairing is needed in iOS. The best part is that the 3G connection is free for five years. In order to get the best Bluetooth OBD2 adapter, you need to look into several things such as the features offered, compatibility, updates released by the scanner, etc. Comes with an app that helps track many things. BAFX is known to be a champ when it comes to sensor readings.