Actually, the field names of the SQL table will be generated to the field name of the rules file automatically. Vijay Kurian February 13, at 3: Oracle port number SID: And then click “Test Connect” for testing. Swetha Mukka February 11, at It may need to change the settings for the flat file source. Swetha November 28, at

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For the cases if the source data changed frequently and we need to reload data after the change, we will need to clear the existing data first and then reload the data again, make sure there is no dirty data left in the target environment. For example, if you have no version field in the source data, but you have the “Version” dimension in the target Essbase cube. Roll down to the [Oracle Wire Protocol] part.

If you have another name of the data source, copy this part of configuration and then rename it.

Need to configure the ODBC driver before the data load and export. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The beginning section of the file contains the names of the various data sources that are odnc up in the file.

Oracle Hyperion: Creating ODBC DRIVER

Click “Data source properties” to change the data source properties, normally it doesn’t need to change if the source is relational database. First, create a calculation script as below. Select the Combinations to clear from the Dimension list and then continue. The Oracle documentation tells us we can find the file in the following location:. Now, we need to copy the lines from the Oracle Wire Protocol section and paste it to the end of the file.

ODBC Setup Essbase Unix

Notify me of new posts by email. We can use a trusty text editor like vi to open the file. Now we can load the data from the relational database with the saved rules file.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Click “OK” to continue. There are three data load options in “Data Load Essbase tab, normally we use the setting of “Overwrite existing values”.

Hi, I am trying to remember, but, did you try leaving the password blank?

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Oracle port number SID: Posted by Martin Xie at 6: If you scroll down a bit further, you will see the details of the Oracle Wire Protocol data source. Switch to Security Tab, input the User Name here.

You can find the SQL data sources you created before. Input the Password and then click “OK” It shows the odnc message if the information is correct. If you find it hard, you can execute the following command to find the file for you: We can export Essbase data to relational database with the following command.

Click “OK” to confirm, and then you can find the new added data source. The one we care about, is the Oracle Wire Protocol data source.

ODBC Setup Essbase Unix – The Unlocked Cube

Then you need to specify one of the version to load the data. It may need to change the settings for the flat file source. But in some cases if there are duplicated dimension combination records in the source data and we want to aggregate the data together, we use “Add to existing essbasee option.

Right click the target database, click “Load data If your data source is Oracle, select DataDirect 7. In most cases, we would use OCI, but as far as I know, OCI does not support write back, to tables; something you would need to do for relational data exports.

As giving password in ODBC file is an confidential, can we have any workaround?