With a matte black finish, the crown of the club really delivers a very stealth look at address. The Power Grid alternates in thickness from 0. This was true even with the adjustability set to a higher loft with a draw biased setting. Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Do you want max distance, max forgiveness, or a combination of both? But I do have one negative. While the fairway woods had an Active Recoil Channel behind their faces, designed for higher ball speeds on off-center hits, the area was hollow.

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It just so happens I hit the F2 and F3 versus the F and Fd, and you can see the numbers below.

I think they need to expand their visibility a little because from everything I read, their products are absolutely top notch. Both shafts are after-market versions. The issue with them, they say, has nothing to do with their performance.

WRX Forum Buzzz 2 weeks ago. View the full results from the poll testing here. Greg Feb 19, at 5: Ping introduces new face material with its G Fairways.

The XCG7 was my least-favorite looking fairway wood out of the box because scg7 its substantial heel-to-toe width. I used it on a par 4 to stay short of water, and I ended up only a foot short of the hazard.

This driver just flat out wants to go straight — period. The design also maintains the moment of inertia MOI of the fairway woods, keeping forgiveness high regardless of the weight setting. ArmyGolf December 18, – 8: Learn how your comment data is processed. The feel and sound is the only knock I have.

I can draw, fade, hook, slice, everything really easily with this club. At impact, the versatility of the sole makes the CB Pro feel like the ball is always sitting up.

Ten Rounds with XCG7 Beta Driver

Easily yards longer than any other 3 wood I have hit. Considering the many Edotics Players who play the clubs with no endorsement deals speaks volumes.

Further enhancing stability, weight is removed from the rear center of the sole courtesy of a dual-step cavity.

Nebgolfer December 18, – 7: I would love to work for the LPGA and help women’s golf grow. Dave Jan 28, at 5: Golfers who miss the sweet spot more than they hit it will love the XCG7, particularly those who struggle with heel and toe hits.

Just me two cents Galaxy tab. The neutral weights have a uniform weight throughout, while the draw-fade tubes have a heavier side.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Driver Review | Quick Look – Bunkers Paradise

What starter set would you recommend? Learn how your comment data is processed. Its a bea like a bid head, yet gets through the ground fine.

It will turn the heads of every golf in your foursome and the golfers next to you on the bets. Jason Kunze Jason is a busy husband betx father of 2 daughters who are both just starting to take up the game that he has loved for years. The first round with the XCG7 Beta in play I felt as if the accuracy and control would come with a slight sacrifice in distance.

Tour Edge Exotics Xcg7 Beta Fairway Wood

I am currently an amatuer golfer working at a golf course in Springfield, MO. Great pairing with the stock shaft also! Sole weight pads are positioned to maximize stability and slightly raise the center of gravity for maximum workability.