Daily SQL Articles by email:. Client name; for example: You specify the transaction span limit as the number of log files that an active transaction can span. And after you read tell us about it. Partitioning can be turned on and off with the following SQLTalk commands:. You can’t post or upload images. You can read topics.

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Replication allows you to update your target database very often, as we always write just a minimum of changes needed gulta bring databases in sync.

Start performance audit record category 0. The performance of SQLBase 12 is highly scalable and does not decrease with a growing numbers of users.

You can specify many database areas of various sizes and give them names. Databases and log files spread across three database areas.

Any transaction that violates the limit is rolled back. You should backup the MAIN database whenever you backup partitioned files. Daily SQL Articles by email:. TD Mobile offers a unique approach in that it slbase to develop the client app and the backend code in one single development system.

Gupta SQLBase Server

If there is only one user on the system, such as in the following example, all of the category 1 and 2 records contained between the category records are part of the same transaction.

This is partly covered by the preceding requirement, since crash recovery would need to rollback any transactions active at the time of the crash.

In turn, the MAIN database holds the information about where partitioned databases and their log files are stored. The results of your second query will be put into a new temporary file. You can’t edit HTML code.

You can’t post replies to polls. This chapter discusses various aspects of databases that a DBA needs to know:.

SQLBase System Properties

For example, if the earliest active transaction was first logged in log 11 and processing is currently at log 16, logs 11 through 16 are pinned. A large log file will improve database performance slightly because log files will need to be created less often, but if the log file is too large, it wastes disk space. Recovery operation category 6.

I had never heard of it bu tyou could check out hte Gupta web site http: This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat And after you read tell us about it.

Working With Execution Plans in SQLBase

SQLBase creates one read-only history file per database. This section shows examples of all global audit categories.

Just wanted to check if there were any differences between the two. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references. Connects and disconnects category 1.

OpenText Gupta SQLBase | OpenText

Currently, SQLBase does not create temporary files in pairs. The overall revenue from software licences was 4. You can’t delete your own topics. If you are in restriction mode, the result sets created by each re-compile and re-execute are not freed. The x field represents an information category, which is described in the next section.

Do you at least understand it? Never delete transaction log files. In the directory specified by the tempdir configuration keyword. When wqlbase first file reached pages in capacity, SQLBase began writing to the second file.