Competed in my first LDA qualifier ever and won. Where can you get krank drivers in new zealand. They could use someone with a marketing background to teach them about reaching out to the masses.. Lack of retail distribution makes trying before you buy difficult. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? Just keeping it out of the treeline would have felt like win. I gained an easy 25 to 30 yards and mis hits even go as far as My old r9 taylorMade.

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Vince, would it be better to use another brand of shaft for all of the preordered element drivers? As it turns out the Krank was the most accurate of the bunch. When testing any club you need to use the same ball, shaft, weather conditions to enable a fair comparision. When I took a closer look at consistency, or what the industry generally likes to refer to as forgiveness, I found that across the board, for every metric that matters…ball speed, carry, accuracy; the numbers were much tighter, and much more consistent with the Krank.

Robert 5 years ago. I have tried em all and that shaft always seems to work for everybody. If in fact he hit his gamer 4 blafk 5 yard further I would like to know what it is. I purchased a Krank driver with stiff shaft Unfortunatly another week has passed without conformation of when my element driver will be sent, despite gplf getting an advertising email stating that the preorders are shipping! Most LD clubheads are either true to loft or play up to a degree under stated loft.

Where in ND can I try one?

Alex 6 years ago. Learn how your comment data is processed.

How or where can I try one? I dont care HOW long we take, it will be done lol if not first time around, we keep on going.

Krank Rage Driver – Review

See, these gold the things that keep me from giving Krank a shot at the title. That alone was enough to get me thinking…. BJenkins 6 years ago. I heard the reviews and had to see for myself.

Rage Black or White

It was delivered in March this year. Brett 6 years ago. I have sent you a couple of emails and my postal address since your last post ggolf reply.

Aidan 6 years ago. Longest Drive yards! I am in central Indiana and have demos you can try. We always offer our Private Database of Customers the first chance to purchase and hit our New Drivers. I have a new krank element on order but the shafts are not available as yet, so i would be surprised if you are testing one anytime soon. As it turns out, however, for a company most of you have probably never heard of — where sound and golv is concerned — Krank most definitely is wearing big boy gklf.

The Club Report – Krank Rage Driver

JBones 6 years nlack. Now, that being said, IF you have an issue with the club, get a hold of us and let us know so we can better optimize the club for you.

I actually made one small adjustment of moving the ball forward a touch so as to catch it a tad more kran the upswing than I used to and it flies quite nicely. Thomas Hertwig 6 years ago. Craig 6 years ago. We will keep the You Choose It Special active for those who want us to call them back and go over their swing before purchasing the New Rage Black Driver.

This event is the Super Bowl of Long Drive.