Partners Support Community Ubuntu. The bonding driver intercepts the ARP Replies sent by the local system on their way out and overwrites the source hardware address with the unique hardware address of one of the slaves in the bond such that different peers use different hardware addresses for the server. The bond’s MAC address is externally visible on only one port network adapter to avoid confusing the switch. Mode 6 balance-alb Adaptive load balancing: This allows for traffic to a particular network peer to span multiple slaves, although a single connection will not span multiple slaves.

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Starting with Ubuntu 9. Ensure kernel support Before Ubuntu can configure your network cards into a NIC bond, you need to ensure that the correct kernel module bonding is present, and loaded at boot time. With the kernel mod params in place, and rebooting, the system behaves as lknux This file contains the names of kernel modules that should be loaded at boot time, one per line.

ifenslave (8) – Linux Man Pages

As another example, to combine eth0 and eth1 using the IEEE Pick which available NICs will be part of the bond. The primary option affects the behavior of this mode. A general guideline is to: To check bond0 for example: Might work, might not work. Mode 2 balance-xor XOR policy: Ethtool support in the base drivers for retrieving the speed of each slave.

Creates aggregation groups that share the same speed and duplex settings. Configure network interfaces Ensure that your network is brought down: Only one slave in the bond is active.

Contents Installation Interface Configuration Step 1: This mode provides load balancing and fault tolerance.

I originally started with the configuration as shown in the post referenced where you provided some great input. The default value is layer2.

Page History Login to edit. That interface would have default options, some of which liux be changed after creation. This option was added in bonding version 2.

Transmit based on selectable hashing algorithm. The bond0 is created kernel module loaded with the setup as desired showing eth0 is primary. Utilizes all slaves in the active aggregator according to the This probably causes the system to spawn a bond0 interface if it doesn’t exist yet.

That’s the black art of concurrent booting for you. Otherwise it will be ignored.

Linux Kernel Documentation :: networking : ifenslave.c

I have eth0 and an USB wifi dongle which I want to create a bond0 interface, with an active-backup policy where eth0 is primary, on a static IP. Ethtool support in the base drivers for retrieving the speed and duplex of each slave. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Mode 1 active-backup Active-backup policy: Installation sudo apt-get install liinux Interface Configuration Step 1: Select all apt-get install ifenslave.

In this ifenspave, the bonding module is automatically loaded when the bond interface is brought up. If the receiving slave fails, another slave takes over the MAC address of the failed receiving slave.