The accident happened near the city of Cremona. Apr 15, 4. FDA standards for approving cancer drugs lax, study says. More Watchdog Headlines Daniel Bice: Do you already have an account? Is there a mirror or other copy out there?

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He made the community worse. If you hit a pedestrian while driving drunk, you should be judged harsher than if sober, no question. If I were a member of a jury facing this officer versus the milwwaukee, I’m not going to second guess myself.

No need to smash the dude’s head into the ground when theres already two cops already on top of him They are paid to arrest and let the judges do polide punishment, and even if they have a tough job no one forced them to choose that for a career field. That interior photo looks like a 3D render.

Milwaukee police beat lambo driver : milwaukee

I’d rather be judged by a jury. Last edited by General Policw 13 May at This individual, at the moment when the officer administered force, was not resisting. Do you already have an account?

Apr 15, 4. FDA standards for approving cancer drugs lax, study says. Bleeding heart liberals take thirty seconds of policf video and think it’s police brutality, up until it’s a relative of theirs spending an entire lifetime trying to recover from criminal activity, then they spend the rest of their lives trying to blame the police. It’s a thankless job, it really is. Las Vegas, NV Posts: Just not enough info in the video. Yes, but if you do that you don’t get pulled over so you don’t get a DUI.

The Gallardo pictured gets about 18 miles per gallon so I suppose it’s reasonable that they milsaukee engage in a fairly lengthy high-speed pursuit.

Italian Police Lamborghini –

The Drug Awareness Resistance Esomethingthatbeginswiththelettere program in my city used to own a garbage truck. Apr 16, 9.

The police department conducted an internal review of the arrest and concluded Ratzmann struck Strasser in the shoulder and was well within policy and training to use such force. What an abuse of authority.

A lot of states you can’t buy anything after 9, you can’t sell booze in grocery stores or gas stations, etc.

Not saying that brutality doesn’t exist, or even condone the actions lamboo this particular officer, but for fuck’s sake, if this guy – in a single minute – recklessly endangered the lives and property of 50 people in his le mans fiasco, well then fuckem. In the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Milwaukee Police Beat Lambo Driver

Must say that I’m dubious, especially the crash photos and why are the number plates different? Harris Dodd stands by aide with criminal past. Video without prior context, come on guys. I just know that neither of them had taken the correct course of action, and both instances could have been prevented by both individuals, and any parties surrounding either of the two.

You all are shady. Without context it’s pretty hard to know what preceded this, but having seen the douchebaggery that goes on around there, I’m neither surprised nor particularly sympathetic to this guy. This is apparently what happened: DA hopeful downplays erotic poetry book she published in Pplice gun prosecutions fall, even as Milwaukee crime rises Watchdog Update: Pity they could’nt find someone to drive it Drove with headlights off.

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