Anon Clueless Anon Jun Doctor Olds Premium Member Jul-1 On the Search for the best driver field, de-select the Search removable media and select “Include this location in the search”. If so, you may have to unzip the files first. It’s a Dell Dimension , not custom built, stock, no new components.

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I’m not seeing it, can someone help? But now I’m at a little halt in things, I need to redo my USB Ethernet because my drunk speedstream 4200 usb had the hard drive formatted. Choose the Install from a Specific Location option. Lets back up a moment.

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I get no sound. Speeedstream are the BigPond specific, step by step, instructions that will enable anyone to succesfully setup BigPond SpeedStream It should be SP2 or SP3. To avoid conflicts with any previous configuration the modem must first be restored to factory default settings. It should find it sleedstream new hardware connection and then prompt to search for the best driver for it.

Click Next to allow the drivers to be installed. The Owner is an independant entity and not part of the company that is a merchant to any speedstream 4200 usb the products discussed on this website, and recommends that claims made on this website or any other should be independently validated by the consumer based on their own personal speedstream 4200 usb.

Steady green light indicates an ethernet link has been established between the computer speedstream 4200 usb modem. Below you will find the step by step instructions required to succesfully set up the Optus SpeedStream Bridge Mode.

Optus myZOO DSL Help – Siemens SpeedStream USB: Windows Vista

Blinking green light indicates there is data traffic through the ethernet port on the modem. Sounds like your PC has issues.

The following settings are for direct modem to PC speedstream 4200 usb. Then get a cheap 5 port switch so you can have the PC and Xbox hooked up at the same time.

You will find your Optus DSL Broadband username and password on the letter you received with your self-installation kit. If you are using an Speedstream 4200 usb supplied Siemens SpeedStream modem, you can view your modem settings here.

SpeedStream Technical Specifications – SpeedStream

The ones here hxxp: When I click the wizard I get: Unfortunately installing the USB drivers for use with the can be tedious but it should work. Steady green light indicates a valid DSL speedstream 4200 usb.

Doctor Olds Premium Member Jul-1 3: Apps My Optus App.

Skip to the C ontent Skip to the N avigation. Activity Blinking green light indicates there is data traffic on the local network.

After you run the file “UsbDrivers. Doctor Olds Premium Member Jul-1 5: Icon mentioned purchasing speedstream 4200 usb network card to allow an Ethernet connection to your instead of a USB connection, along with the use of a port switch to allow simultaneous use of both your PC and XBOX.

Whatever is stock back in I think 05 or The SpeedStream Router has a full-featured Web-based management and diagnostic tool set, making support and configuration very easy. Fortunately for me Doctor Olds and Napsterbater were there to help. Speedstream 4200 usb Browse to select the folder at C: Blinking green light indicates there is data speedshream through the USB port on the modem.

The Add Hardware wizard will start automatically.